Umbra Products

Almira Labs offers a wide catalog of innovative value-added services that allow our consumers to deliver rich communications experiences to multiple user communities through innovative voice and media technology.


Almira Labs makes the sophisticated telecom coding easy. Quality is a must in our processes, developments and services. Based on a pure Java API, Umbra enables standard developers to create complete end-to-end services quickly and efficiently.

Umbra Framework is the Java library for JAIN SLEE application servers to boost value added service creation by using a simple but rather effective plain Java API. It enables developers to concentrate on the high level logic while leveraging Umbra Framework components.

Umbra Designer is the SCE based on the Umbra Framework. It allows non-developers to create simple IN/IMS services by using a graphical interface.

The Almira Labs approach relies on an incremental, pragmatic and cost-effective path for evolving to an open standard JAIN SLEE platform. It consists of coordinating and extending existing service delivery assets such as the intelligent network (IN), while launching richer value added services.